hi my name is Ashok from UK
i got lot of jobs here

if any one Interest to work with us??

this is one project :

To design, develop and implement an intelligent web based system that is able to support the day to day trading of real estate agents; advanced dynamic generation of marketing & advertising websites and an admin console that allows scheduling of tasks; reporting and analysis capabilities.

Security features such as online registration and validation of prospective customers with usernames and passwords as well as SSL (https) and firewalls are to be setup. the script is to be developed using the PHP technology that requires an Apache Web Server and MS SQL (or MySQL) as its DataBase.

eDirector will provide the administrator access via the internet so that all the data and updates are in synch at different branches of the estate agency clients.

The site administrator can login to the system and design/enhance the user interface of their real estate web application's presentation GUI.

The administrator creates users and permissions for each branch of the real estate agency.

Once the system is completed in full it would be necessary to train the users, but this is not part of this project. It is very important to document the whole project including comments on the source code of the software developed. A technical documentation as well as help files are required. The critical requirements are the core functionalities of the software to be developed, which are described in the business procedures above

Any one Interest please contact me
My email id : Kathala22@yahoo.com