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  • Google Grabbed 46 Percent Of Search- Gayatri Microsystems

    Google Grabbed 46 Percent Of Search

    By: David A. Utter

    The November 2005 figures from Nielsen//NetRatings on search share didn't change a bit from the month prior, as nearly 70 percent of searches passed through Google or Yahoo.

    Writing about search engine share is like watching Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day", where every day ends just like the one previous to it. Maybe Nielsen/NetRatings should start calling it "Google-hog Day" when releasing a statement on search share and percentages. At the top would be Google, which snared 46.3 percent of search queries in November 2005. Almost 2.4 billion searches wound their way through the Google server farms. Yahoo held its place at second on this list, with a 23.4 percent share and 1.194 billion queries received, parsed, and tossed back to the user.

    That takes care of the billionaires of search share. MSN Search at number three picked up 11.4 percent of the November '05 search market, 583 million queries. AOL Search was tops in single digit share, 6.9 percent and 350 million searches handled.

    MyWay and Ask Jeeves trailed the big four, at fifth and sixth place. Ask Jeeves owns MyWay and powers its search, so maybe the 2.5 percent and 2.3 percent of search share should be combined for the two. Nielsen //NetRatings then listed EarthLink (which gets its results from Google), Dogpile (a metasearch site), Netscape (Google search results here too), and iWon (Ask Jeeves here) as the last four on the list.

    Kalpesh Uphadyay
    Managing Director of Gayatri Microsystems
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