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Masterclass on Essentials of Toyota Production System

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  • Masterclass on Essentials of Toyota Production System

    The Toyota Production system is a major precursor of Lean Manufacturing. Founded on the conceptual pillars of 'Just-in-time' and 'Jidoka' (or, Automation with a Human Touch), the system was first built off the approach created by the founder of Toyota, Sakichi Toyoda and his son, Kiichiro Toyoda. The main goal of the Toyota Production is to eliminate 3 key issues: Overburden, Inconsistency, and Waste - or 'Muri', 'Mura' and 'Muda', respectively by ensuring Takt-Time, Working Sequence, and Standard In-Process Stock.
    Toyota’s lean production system has transformed the manufacturing industry. The Toyota Production System (TPS) is the culmination of the company’s dedication to continuous improvement. It is the culture adopted by employees and management alike. In the Toyota Production System, each person follows the same set of principles, which focus on improving production processes based on the customer’s need and the product’s quality, as well as safety in the plant and on the road.
    Against this backdrop, CII is organizing a Master class on Essentials of Toyota Production System, on 16 April 2021, from 1500 hrs to 1700 hrs.
    • Eliminating 8 wastes in the processes for shortening the process time
    • Changing from push system planning to pull system by Takt time
    • Minimizing the inventory by just in time scheduling and synchronize with supplier’s schedule
    • Standardize the working method aims to zero defects, zero breakdown and zero accident
    • Cost reduction
    Whom to attend:
    President, CEOs, MD, GM, Factory manager, Production manager, Project manager, Engineering manager, Process engineer, Lean manager, IE, Production supervisor, Logistics management, Group leader, Team leader, Quality manager, Maintenance management, Repair man, Product development staff, Supply chain and PPC staffs, HR management, QA QC staffs.
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