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knowlwdge is necessary or degree?

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  • knowlwdge is necessary or degree?

    I question think it is essential for job applicants to have a basic set of qualifications or knowlwdge to do that job?
    Because there are various people who earned their dgree by hool or crook.
    They have no knowlwdge of their subjects. so are the eligible to work?
    In my opinion knoeledge is more important.
    Do you support me?
    What do you people think?

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    Degree is imp only for initial years.
    its ur talent that gonna speak


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      yes knowledge is more is all your eligibility that jus allow you to enter...but your knowledge is only which gives you growth..which develops your career...which retains you till the end..


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        Knowledge > degree.

        If you are just looking for a job, a degree would suffice. But, if you are looking for a successful career path then, you would need all that knowledge you came across while getting your degree and the jobs you plan as your future career prospect.

        One of the examples is certification courses. The major training programs that bridge the gap between academia and the industry by providing knowledge and skill sets which are essential in today’s competitive working environment. They equip the candidate with requisite knowledge and skill set to begin a successful career.

        Certification Courses in Finance


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          Both are important for getting a better life. Degree is needed for getting selected for an interview but knowledge is needed for getting through and works best. Knowledge gives freedom to think and make better decision in life.


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            Both are equally important. High Degree and good knowledge are required for a bright future. Speaking as a whole, people will always need that degree to get a successful and future. If you have passion for something and you're willpower can make you successful


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              I totally agree with you Sally....


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                Knowledge is necessary than a degree because without knowledge you can not work in the industry. We need degree also but knowledge is more important.