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  • Get the Best & Free Education in Germany

    Hello Friends,

    We Indians always will be looking for better education & economically feasable one. So I suggest Germany as the best option to study further & gain an international degree & experience at very minimal cost.

    Benefits of Germany

    1] Free education & top notch research in the universites of Germany attracts many students from all over the world including USA.

    2] Germany combines research with the study & is ranked top in EU research rankings.

    3] Degree from German university is valid all over the world & it boost one of the oldest & best education system in the world.

    4] Germany's Heavy machinery manfacturing sector & Automobile industry speaks by its quality from long time.

    5} Germany situated in centre of Europe & sharing its border with many countries. It is on of the G8 countries in the world.

    6] Germany visa is valid in 15 schengen countries which includes Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Holland & others.

    7] India will become the official partner country of Germany's giant Hanover trade fair, providing a platform for increasingly confident Indian firms to size up the German market - Hanover Fair.
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    that is the first time i heard too many facts about germany.good to know. this will be highly useful for people who find it hard to cope up with the fellow indians. i admit i am in that category. u should have posted it like an year ago. i might have changed my mind and go to germany instead.


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      German Language

      I think, knowing German is also important if you wish to study in Germany. Most of the colleges and Universities (except a few private ones) offer courses in German. Getting a study visa is not a problem these days.


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        yea Germany is a great destination for higher studies one of my friend is working there... he studied there and claims that Germany is a wonderful place to be in
        I & O


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          Germany is one of the beautiful country has so much to offer students on an educational trip. Regardless of subject focus, Germany has something to suit everyone. From its stunning countryside to its breathtaking castles, its dense forests to its deep river valleys, and its infamous history to its positive, modern regeneration it has so much to explore. Students get wonderful opportunities to practice language skills, delve into another culture, appreciate different traditions and get a real insight into modern European history.