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Old 04-01-2014, 11:10 PM
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Default Mahabharat 1 April 2014 : Episode 149: StarPlus

Dronacharya suggests Dhritarashtra to stop the game.

1) Duryodhan forcibly takes off the crown of Nakul. Guru Dron protests to see this brutality .

2) Dhritarashtra insults Guru Dron and almost drives him out of the court verbally. But Ashwathama makes a plan to stop his father from leaving the court.

3) He gets up and himself gives Duryodhan the proposal of putting him on bet. To see his own son have been put on bet; Guru Dron stops and promises not to leave the court.

4) Kunti requests Gandhari to stop this fatal game but Gandhari expresses her inability to stop her own corrupted child.

5) Then Samraggi Draupadi decides to stop the game and with thunder-like anger she approaches the court to stop the game.

6) She breaks all previous rules made by Pitaman to stop her husband from playing the game.

7) Yudhistir gets heavily stuck between Dharm and Adharm; he has promised to play the game, so breaking that will be adharm. If he puts his brothers on stake; that will be also an adharm. Finding no other way he stays silent.

8) Panchali tries to convince Yudhistir by saying that he is the king of entire Aryavrat. So; he himself has the right to stop the game. Panchali tries so much to stop Yudhistir. Arjun; Bhim; Pitamah everybody suggests Yudhistir to get up and stop this dangerous game of dice.

9) To see the wind flowing against his dirty will; Shakuni says to Yudhistir "now you have taken the shelter of your wife and breaking your own promise. Is this dharm? "

10) To hear this Yudhistir cries but holds his patience: he says "I promised in the beginning that I would play the game so now I can't break my promise"

11) After that he tells Draupadi to leave the court. Being totally compelled he puts Sahdev on bet. He continues to lose.

Yudhistir doesn't even understand that Shakuni has been cheating with his dice from the beginning.

Dronacharya suggests Dhritarashtra to stop the game. Dhritarashtra asks Dronacharya to leave the palace. Ashwatthama requests Duryodhan to stake him. Dronacharya wishes to stay back. Dhritarashtra asks Dronacharya not to leave the palace without his permission, in future. Sahadev stakes himself for Yudhishthir. Draupadi rushes to the palace, to stop the game. However, Yudhishthir instructs Draupadi to leave.

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