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Old 03-07-2006, 09:31 PM
crazy.foryoursmile's Avatar
crazy.foryoursmile crazy.foryoursmile is offline
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Location: In Someone's Heart/Hate/Hurt.. Lolzz actually I am confused :-s
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truly said brother

but still its depends only on destiny.. because hard work needs luck too
and one time two time.. but always and in everything.. then what would you say? right now i cant write clearly.. but later on i'll surely write more on this topic..
YoU CaN TrY n BrEaK UR LoVe BuT iT WoN'T DiE.. nO mAtTeR hOw hArD U TrY ThOuGh iT WoN'T DiE.. DoN't TrY tO HiDe As iT eXpOsEs mOrE 'n MoRe..
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Old 03-08-2006, 07:21 AM
invisible invisible is offline
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I agree with Sunil but not with Crazy. Hard Work don't need luck at all. If you are hardworker, of course you are gonna get it. You just need confidence on yourself. Destiny has nothing to do with anyithing. about Karma yes you do karma in this life and you pay for it that's all which is totally different from destiny coz you did it and you get result. And yea Destiny has nothing to do with your marriage. It depends on yourself. How you choose someone and how you live with her or him. It depends on you only. There is nothing like Destiny or luck. There is only one thing that exist and thats you and you ONLY.

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Old 03-08-2006, 08:03 PM
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In case of marriage I think destiny has to play its part ... But this is also true ..."don't depend totally on your destiny ..." Destiny can be changed by hardwork ... you can impress any one and make them fall in love with u but all individual are different so in long run character attitude understanding etc. matter not destiny .....
Making a million friends is not a miracle, the miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you when a million are against you..
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Old 03-12-2006, 04:07 AM
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venky venky is offline
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Location: usa
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Destiny, Karma, God - these are all different beliefs that appeal to majority of population. I dont subscribe to any such beliefs. Im consciously trying to get rid of these obstacles to truth. (Truth warrants a separate discussion)

Marriage, just like anything else, is a matter of chance. You make a judgement and go with it in the hope that it will click.

Hardwork increases the possibilities for success - as seen by the person doing the hardwork and as seen by rest of the world. Now this duality of person and rest of the world may not be accurate - especially if you think interms of non-duality or advaita.

Thank you Sunil for your wishes
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Old 03-14-2006, 11:29 PM
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sunilkumar sunilkumar is offline
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Location: In hearts of my family and friend
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Venky what is truth as per You?

Death is the universal truth.... which is applicable to earth sun star and other galaxy also ...
currently we all are living so we have to play our part on this earth...we can choose to be saint or like other human being with family....

Relative distance between nucleus and electron, proton is bigger than earth and sun so if single atom of particle is perfect than our galaxy is also perfect...

We are human being we have brain with body structure to explore things of earth and to do R&D (research and development) so we have to do our work.... we have to think in this way ….if I will not able to see the truth hopefully other human being will see... we don't know which asteroid will going to collide with earth.... The day it will happen we all will finish... other thing is that moon is going away from the earth every year so we don't know how earth is going to rotate so there will be great change in atmosphere of earth we don't know how human race will going to survive in such situation… So truth is more dangerous than fiction and it is beyond our scope… we explore and explore things and we come to new conclusions which are true….

Chanda(Moon) ko esay hee MAMA(maternal uncle) nahi bolajataa hai … Earth is mother and moon is brother…

We have to believe God is there

Some unknown power is GOD which is created by human being so that people can have faith in life they must have hope they must afraid of doing wrong things.

Destiny is luck …50 - 50..but when some thing is planned and proper karma (hard work) is done than in 99% case we can beat destiny.

I know truth is beyond win.... but i want to win....
"Situation have way of changing Don’t expect help. Help yourself. The day you help yourself, it’s your First step to success."

Fight on my dear self, fight on. Life is a struggle, do not shirk struggle Enjoy the sweetness of life but do not stop struggle, Fight on my dear self Do not entertain fear for fear is death. The world will frighten you but fight on, dear self fight on.............
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Old 03-15-2006, 07:07 AM
venky's Avatar
venky venky is offline
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Location: usa
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I dont know what is truth. It 'seems' that finding truth is a journey.
Death, birth, spinning of earth etc are 'observed' phenomena. Is an 'observed' phenomena truth? May be.. or may be not... or to some extent !?

Everybody has beliefs. People following established religions have their beliefs organized in specific ways. In west I heard some devout christians saying 'Christ' is the savior and human race is created from Adam. Some hindus say that brahma is the creator, vishnu is the executor and shiva is the destroyer. Religions organize information for people consumption in specific ways to inculcate and sustain belief systems. Many people may 'seemingly' get self content, righteousness, virtuousness etc by following these religions. Different religions try to establish different balance and checks against morality. One can find many similarities in these checks as well.

Irrespective of whether a human follows an 'organized' religion or not or follows to some extent, he/she is capable of thinking beyond the ordinary - and this 'seems' to be the root cause for human evolution.

There is also this thought process that there has to be something powerful, omniscient, omnipotent. This thought could be perhaps due to the fact that we dont understand many things or we 'perceive' that there has to be something powerful to explain the complexity of life.

Science doesnt answer all the questions, neither religion does. Whatever science answers today may not seem a correct answer tomorrow (think of people saying earth is flat 300 years ago).

The words used: 'seems', 'observed', 'perceived' etc are based on relative state of the environment consisting of possibly inseparable observer and observed. Is that an observer 'observed' the truth? Certainly the observer may believe so. What value such a truth has for others who can not 'observe' the truth the same way?

Bottomline is: I dont know what truth is.

While seeking truth, I dont think there should exist a tendency to avoid any human responsibilities, phases, social interactions, anything else thats 'considered' part of life. Zen philosophy has some interesting koans on this line of thought.

I strongly suggest we should have a separate thread for this line of discussion
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