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Thread: Are private and new university playing with students future?

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    Default Are private and new university playing with students future?

    I wonder what would be the future of students pursuing their graduation or master's from private universities like PTU or Chitkara or some other private university which are black listed in most of good MNC.

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    I don't think so because i have my own personal experience with PTU university....
    Its not so great but not bad too.

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    Jarrett den Guest


    Most of the Private Universities appear to be doing the right things in terms of building their institutions. In particular, all of them have recruited capable faculty members who can both teach and carry out research. While the future success of the students is not guaranteed and what is interesting about these institutions is that they have chosen self-regulation to try to rise above the mediocrity around them.

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    I don't think so because today education in viral form any one can get education from college. If we talking about placements and at all then its depend on us. College can be delivered placement to top level of students.

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    I have heard a little bit about this that some of the university are cheating students and ruin their future by taking highest fees and not providing enough education but I don't think that every universities are doing like this. Some of private universities are reputed and providing great educational services and another services compare to another universities.

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