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Thread: Beauty Remedies

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    Excellent tips! perfectly perfect.

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    Do u guys ladies have any kinda home or any other remidies for a cracked heals{infact the whole foot}.
    or is there any kinda allergy treatment to foot available??{preferrably house remedy}

    i have tried everything....pedicure,glycerine,scrubber,creams n moisturizers............
    wax n coconut oils.......EVERYTHING........its like" u name it n i have done it"!

    so plzzzzzzzzz lemme know if there is something new cure feets would always love to visit u!!Once they r cured!!!!!!!!

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    Smile How To Overcome Dandruff....

    Hi Perfectly_Perfect

    I want to know more in detail about the shampoo made by gooseberry,amla and reetha.....but what is reetha pls explain to me...and also how to boil the items together what form powder or can I get them in whole at any indian shop. What about gooseberry ..u mean whole or just the seed...

    Waiting for ur perfect reply....bye

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    Renu always wear shoes with socks avoid wearing sandles or chapel because of which your foot is exposed to the environment, always wash your leg with warm water, then apply some cream before sleeping…. When ever you want to go out wear shoes…

    Renu it’s my personal experience and it is very effective… so don’t worry enjoy…

    Note: - Avoids direct contact of your feet with mud… don’t forget to wash your leg before sleeps…apply some cream having moisturizer.
    "Situation have way of changing Don’t expect help. Help yourself. The day you help yourself, it’s your First step to success."

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    Renu always keep ur feet in the air. Never put them on ground. That will surely help

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    Default Health and Beauty

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