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Old 11-19-2005, 10:05 AM
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Default Lou Dobbs Is An Anti-indian, Anti-outsourcing Communist

It's pretty simply, really. Freedom is a great thing, unless it begins to irritate the people who have all the money and power. That is, freedom for the masses is good, as long as the masses don't start to make decisions that cause consternation in the minds of pseudo-intellectual, socialist lefties like Lou Dobbs.

If a man owns a business, but only has 10 dollars to pay a worker per hour, and someone wants to work for that wage, he should be free to hire that person if he wants to. If someone else wants 15 bucks an hour, then that guy simply can't be hired. And if someone forces that small business owner to hire the guy who wants 15 bucks per hour, then unfortunately he won't be able to hire anyone, and his business will suffer, and not grow.

Either way, Lou Dobbs and other Communist sympathizers want to to dictate just who that business owner can hire, and what he should pay him, because if he doesn't "tow the line," then he is "anti-American worker" and is "exporting jobs" to cheap or foreign labor, and thereby, in Lou Dobb's own words, "threatens not only millions of workers and their families, but also the American way of life."

Well, the American way of life was, and always has been, premised on a decent job for a decent day's pay, with no interference from anyone else. That's called freedom. Lou's method is called socialism, if not fascism or Communism, wherein the state through its government controls everyone's wages.

What happened to letting market forces dictate wages, Lou? What happened to laissez-faire economics, Lou? What happened to capitalism, and letting the hungry work hard to get rich, while the fat and lazy sink to the bottom where they rightfully belong? See the movie, Giant, starring James Dean for a reference.

Who are you, Lou, to dictate what the average American wage should be? Shouldn't fat, lazy Americans with an overblown sense of entitlement just move to France, where they can be part of that socialist fabric, where their wages would be guaranteed to be crappy? We don't need them here in America, Lou.

If Adam Smith could hear you, Lou, he would be spinning in his grave. You are a discredit to American capitalism, and may just be the sad, awful and inevitable result of too much food, comfort, and leisure time that comes with being an affluent American after living here for many generations. Hell, you are becoming British, or even worse, French.

Move to socialist Europe, Lou. The Wild, Wild West of America is too tough for you to stomach anymore.

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