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Old 04-07-2014, 09:22 PM
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Default Mahabharat 7 April 2014 : Episode 154: StarPlus

Duryodhan decides to disrobe Draupadi

Draupadi enquires Dhritarashtra about the reason for insulting her, inspite of being the daughter-in-law of the Kuru family. She informs that Yudhishthir does not have the authority to stake her after losing himself. Duryodhan instructs Draupadi to sit on his lap. Bheem vows to break Duryodhan's thighs. Draupadi decides to leave. Bhishma requests Dhritarashtra to let her go, but in vain. Dhritarashtra instructs Draupadi to obey Duryodhan. Duryodhan decides to disrobe Draupadi.

1) Dussasan throws Draupadi on the floor and she cries with pain. But she doesn't give up. She stands up with two-times more strength to protest.

2) She asks Pitamah, Vidur, Guru Drona repeatedly why is this happening and why can't they protest.

3) With a thunder-like voice, and verbal lightening Draupdi cries and asks loudly what is her fault and why her husbands are not stopping this most brutal act.

4) Pitamah, Vidur, Drona and Pandav.... everybody cries but nobody can answer her questions properly.

5) Draupadi cries and speaks "in this court everybody is maintaining Dharm..... does Dharm permit a woman's insult?"

She also asks "a wife is the better-half (ardhangini) of a husband; so I also have rights over my husband's property. Why didn't he take my permission before putting me on stake?"

6) Taking the advantage Duryodhan keeps insulting her, calling her a "slave" (dasi)

7) Draupadi tries drastically to defend herself but nobody protests.

8) Arjun and Bhim protest verbally and apologize but can't act physically.

9) Then Duryodhan reaches the extreme level of adharm and calls Draupadi to sit on his thigh. Shamelessly he orders her to have relation with him.

10) Immediately Arjun and Bhim take the oath of killing him.

11) Drauapdi, boldly says "I am fire.... nobody can enslave me" and attempts to leave the court.

12) At that moment the impotent psychologically blind father Dhritarashtra orders Draupadi to obey the order of Duryodhan.

13) Pitamah and Vidur request the king to leave Draupadi but he sticks to his evil mindset and again calls her "dasi"

14) Shakuni, Duryodhan and their supporters repeatedly call her dasi and insult her.

15) Then Duryodhan orders Dussasan to disrobe her. Arjun gets tremendously angry and throws an iron-plate like an extinguisher which puts out all the lights of the court. He curses the blind king with darkness.

16) Panchali keeps crying, pandav keep protesting verbally but they are bound by Yudhistir's command of Dharm so they can't save Drauapdi from utter insult.

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