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Old 02-28-2007, 04:32 PM
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Default Learn sql

Learn SQL in Just 24 Hours - Fire the Queries to the Database using your Applications

SQL : Structured Query Language .
It is a language that provides an interface to relational database systems.

SQL was developed by IBM in the 1970s for use in System R.

SQL is a de facto standard, as well as an ISO and ANSI standard..

It is a special-purpose, nonprocedural language that supports the definition, manipulation, and control of data in relational database management systems.

Start Learning

SQL Introduction - Introduction to SQL

SQL Select Statement - Select command is use to select data from the tables

SQL WHERE Clause - To conditionally select the data from a table

SQL Insert Statement - The insert clause has one function; to insert data into a table.

SQL Update Statement - This command updates the column values of a table.

SQL Delete Statement - Delete command removes Entire rows from a table.

SQL Order By Clause - Order By Command The order by statement allows for table column range. WHERE keyword might be used to conditionally select data from a table.

SQL AND OR Operator - WHERE keyword might be used to conditionally select data from a table.

SQL in operator - A special kind of operator which uses with where clauses.

SQL Between - The BETWEEN keyword allows for selecting a values in range.

SQL Aliases - Aliases for table and column.

SQL Join - Combines columns of one table to that of another.

SQL Outer Join - A type of join.

SQL Union - Combine the results of two queries together.

SQL Subqueries - Queries placed within an existing SQL statement.

SQL Date Function - All SQL platform has its own version of date functions.

SQL Create Statement - Create statement in SQL

SQL Drop Statement - Delete an existing index in a table with the DROP INDEX statement.

SQL Alter - Change the structure of the table.

SQL Function - A function is a special type of command that return a single value.

SQL Group By Statement - The aggregate of all column values.

SQL Select Into - Make a backup copy

SQL Create View - Virtual table based on the result-set of a SELECT statement.

SQL Server - SQL server

SQL Summary - Summary

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