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Old 02-28-2007, 04:27 PM
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Default Learn ASP

Learn ASP in Just 24 Hours - Create your First Dynamic Website

An Active Server Page is a web page that includes program code that is processed on a Microsoft web server before the page is sent to the user.
Start Learning

ASP Introduction - Introduction to ASP

Run An ASP Web Page - You can run ASP on your own PC without an external server

ASP First Script - The basic syntax rule

ASP Programming-VBScript - Select Case statement to check for multiple Is Equal To conditions

Variables in ASP - Declaring variables in ASP

Array in ASP - Defining an array in ASP

Operators in ASP - Operators in ASP

ASP If Statements - If statements in ASP

ASP Select Statements - Select statements in ASP

ASP Procedures - In ASP you can call a JavaScript procedure from a VBScript and vice versa

ASP Forms - ASP forms and user input

ASP Cookies - A cookie is often used to identify a user.

ASP Session - ASP session object

Application in ASP - A group of ASP files that work together to perform some purpose is called an application.

ASP #include - How to use the #include directive

ASP Global.asa - The global.asa file in ASP

ASP Send e-mail - ASP sending e-mail with CDOSYS

ASP Response - The ASP response object is used to send output to the user from the server.

ASP Request - The ASP request object is used to get information from the user.

ASP Application - A group of ASP files that work together to perform some purpose is called an application.

ASP Session - The session object is used to store information about, or change settings for a user session.

ASP Server - The ASP server object is used to access properties and methods on the server.

ASP Error - Display detailed information of any error

ASP FileSystem - Access the file system on the server.

ASP TextStream - Access the contents of a text file.

ASP Drive - Return information about a local disk drive or a network share.

ASP File - Return information about a specified file.

ASP Folder - Return information about a specified folder.

ASP Dictionary - Store information in name/value pairs

ASP ADO - ADO can be used to access databases from your web pages.

ASP Ad Rotator - ASP AdRotator component

ASP Browser Cap - ASP browser capabilities component

ASP Content Linking - Create a quick and easy navigation system!

ASP Content Rotator - Displays a different HTML content string each time a user visits

ASP Quick Reference - ASP quick reference

ASP Summary - You have learned ASP

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