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Old 07-25-2014, 07:03 PM
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Default Excellent Tips to Secure Your Wireless Network Connection

Secure Your Wireless Network Connection: Make sure your wireless connection is safe & secure from hackers because they can create a security hazard if your wireless network is not secure. They will access your personal files through your own wireless network.

Here i am sharing some useful tips to secure your wireless connection:

Check Your Local Network/Machine:: Always keep your PC neat & up-to-date. Specially on window machine you need to run full malware and anti-virus scan regularly.

Make sure your PC's software firewall is turned on, and Windows' file-sharing feature is off.

For checking your firewall setting go to Control Panel and choose Windows Firewall if you are using window XP or Vista then maybe you need to click Security Center first.

In window XP, select the exceptions tab then look in the programs and services to make sure "File and Printer Sharing" is unchecked.
In Vista, click on Change settings after that select the exceptions tab and follow the instructions for XP.

Open Your Router Settings Page::First know how you access your Wi-Fi setting. Mostly its checked by typing ď192.168.1.1Ē into your browser and then enter the user name and password for the router. Itís different for each router. Check your routerís user manual.

Create Unique & Strong Password of Your Routers:
When you login in your router then change your default password in secure password. For this you need to go in administration setting on your router setting page. Default username & password are generally admin / password.

Change Your Wireless Network Name(SSID Name): Changing default SSID name is really a great idea because by changing name no one will know which network they are connecting to. Donít use your name, home address & other personal information in your SSID name.

You can change default SSID name under the wireless setting in your routerís setting page.

Never Disable SSID Broadcast Feature: Its really a bad idea to disable the SSID broadcast feature of your router. It will only make your network invisible to your neighbors but any good hacker can hack this.

Turn Off Guest Networking: Guest networking allows outsiders to access your routers. Thatís unsecured access. Make sure you have turn off your guest networking when you are going to set up your router for use. To do this ticking off a check box in the router's interface.

Enable Network Encryption: Encrypt your wireless signal if you want to prevent any outsider from using your internet connection.

Encryption Methods For Wireless Setting are WEP, WPA (WPA-Personal), and WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access version 2).
WEP is least secure & compatible with wide range of devices like old hardware.

WPA2 is the most secure encryption methods for wireless but this is only compatible with hardware manufactured since 2006.

To do encryption on your wireless connection you need to open the wireless security settings on your routerís configuration page. Then you can select which security method you want to choose. Try to choose WPA2. Now enter your password to access the network. Set this something tough by using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters in the passphrase.

Filter MAC Addresses: It doesnít matter which device you are using , all your wireless devices have a unique MAC addresses. For making your Wi-Fi more secure add the MAC addresses of all your devices to your wireless routerís settings so that only those devices can connect to your Wi-Fi network that you want.

To Enable MAC address Filtering : Make a list of all your Wi-Fi devices MAC address & add them in MAC address filtering in your routerís administrative settings.

To get MAC address of your computer open command prompt type ďipconfig /allĒ, this will show your MAC address beside the name ďPhysical AddressĒ.
For finding MAC address of your mobile phone & other portable devices. Go in network setting of these devices, though this will vary for each device.

Reduce The Range of Your Wi-Fi Signals: If you are using this in small apartment & company you can reduce the range of your Wi-Fi signal by changing the mode of your router to 802.11g (instead of 802.11n or 802.11b) or use a different wireless channel.

Use Anti-Wi-Fi Paint : To make your wireless more secure apply Anti-Wi-Fi Paint . When you coat your room with this paint then your Wi-Fi signals canít get out. This paint contains chemicals that blocks radio signals by absorbing them.

Upgrade Your Routerís Firmware: Keep your router running in latest firmware. To check the existing firmware version of your router type 192.168.* at the routerís dashboard.

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Old 07-26-2014, 09:52 AM
SwatiSood SwatiSood is offline
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Tips you have shared to secure WNC (Wireless Network Connection) are very helpful and explained in a simpler manner even a newbie can secure his/her connection via following these tips.

Keep updating more stuff like that


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Old 07-26-2014, 10:15 AM
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Default Crazy way to secure home WI-FI

It is very similar to securing our home against burglars, leaving the home doors unlocked renders it unsafer, locking all the doors makes it safer. In addition switching on a thief alarm will make it more safer, if you add extra locks this makes it more safer. In other words, you're sort of adding more layers of protection.

It is the same thing with our home WiFi. The majority of home routers come with a firewall, MAC filtering and WPA-2 using one of them will make your home WiFi secure, using all of them will make it even more, so but a determined 'so called' hacker can get in. More layers of security has to get through will make it more difficult and might just frustrate him then that he will go and try his luck elsewhere. If we don't change the Admin password and we dont set-up WPA-2 'with a strong password', don't activate the firewall etc. we are basically leaving all the doors unlocked and asking for trouble;-)
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Old 07-26-2014, 06:16 PM
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Gud one Harish
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