"The People's Choice Party"
Mt Albert by-election 2009

Press Release

“The People's Choice Party” have chosen Rusty Kane of New Plymouth as their candidate for the Mt Albert by-election. The by-election will give the party exposure and highlight the need for citizens binding initiated referendum's. “ The party believes the by-election is the best place for the Mt Albert community (knowing there votes will not change the government) to protest their vote to a smaller party like the People's Choice who support citizens majority community choice over that of central government.. By voting People's Choice will send the strongest message to the larger parties that the Mt Albert communities opinions and values are not to be sidelined for the sack of political expediency.

The People's Choice candidate Rusty Kane believes the Mt Albert electorate itself should have the major say on deciding on how a motorway or any other major infrastructure project should proceed through their electorate by way of referendum.

It will also give the electorate a protest vote choice against the main parties that are using the Mt Albert by-election as a tool for pork-barrel politics.

Rusty Kane put in his candidacy's at the last minute after first choice local candidate had withdrawn, because of on going overseas commitments.

Rusty is a seasoned campaigner and leader of 'The People's Choice Party” of New Zealand.

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Indian families and friends living abroad in the Auckland Mt Albert Electorate of New Zealand can contact "The People's Choice Party" at...

Auckland office
PO Box 41002,
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Contact: Rusty Kane
Phone: NZ 06-758 7688

Postal address:
PO Box 5111,
New Plymouth 4343
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