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Thread: Visa period > countdown starts from arrival date?

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    Unhappy Visa period > countdown starts from arrival date?

    Hi there!
    I think the Indian Embassy in Bangkok messed it up!

    - I will be in India October and November
    - I stated this in the application form and said this by voice too.
    - I got a 3 months tourist Visa from today to end October.
    - I was surprised and asked if I can go in in October and stay 3 months.
    - They told me that whenever I go in I have to be out at the end of October.

    But then I got some other news from other people who have been to India.
    Since, so far, the only country I've been where the Visa countdown starts at the issue and not at the arrival is Russia, I am wondering if India is the same.

    The funny thing? They said if I want a new Visa I have to go after this one expires, so there is no way I csan be there October and November.
    Stuck in bureacuracy.

    Does anybody has any idea?


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