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    The Tara Devi Temple is located at a distance of 11 km from Shimla on the Shimla Kalka National Highway. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Tara and stands on Tara Devi hilltop between Shimla and Shoghi and is a very popular visiting spot for tourists and devotees. The temple was built over 250 years ago and holds a great spiritual value for devotees. There is a belief that Goddess Tara was brought to Himachal Pradesh all the way from Bengal.

    The best time to visit the Tara Devi Temple is during the Shardiya Navaratras and Ashthami which takes place during Dussehra, when there are big celebrations held in honor of Goddess Tara. A fair is organized during this time, and people from all over the country come to pray and pay their respects to the goddess.

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    It a nice place to visit in Shimla.

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    It is one of the best place to visit in shimla

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    Thanks Priya to let us know about this spiritual place. I am look forward to know about more temples like this in H.P
    Neha Rani
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    Wonderful place. This temple is showing one of the best attraction place for Shimla tourism.

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    Ashtavinayak in Mumbai is also one of the best historical place to see. The temple is situated 3 kilometers off the Pune-Mumbai highway near Khopoli and is thus closest to Mumbai city.

    ashtavinayak tour

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