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Thread: Best Tips to stay Happy all the time

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    Default Best Tips to stay Happy all the time

    - Positive thinking affects your performance
    - Trash your negative thoughts
    - Write down why you are grateful
    - Practise mindfulness
    - Donít forget your beauty sleep
    - Dedicate a little time to helping others
    - Focus on the life you want to live
    - Focus on your strengths

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    Regular exercise is also good think to live happier everyday.
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    Some of the Informative tips to stay healthy are:

    -Stop Chasing and Start Living
    -Assume Responsibility
    -Stop Seeking Stimulation
    -Take Action
    -Expect Nothing

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    Some useful tips are below:-

    Drink moderately
    Don't fight stress by eating
    Try to eat fruits and veggies
    Don't skip meals and Take vitamins
    Vary your meals
    Body spa

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    1. Always think positive
    2. Exercise to stay active
    3. List down things why you are greatful
    4. Take a complete sleep
    5. Do meditation for the peace of mind
    6. Give time to your hobbies
    7. Respect your strengths
    8. Always follow a healthy lifestyle & prevention

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