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    MR/ Mrs

    Al madinah international university which win dependence Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) and also winning the adoption of all academic programs and courses, the university that are approved by the Malaysian funds and private academy, which deals with quality control and efficiency Academy, known for short as [MQA ] to congratulate you on the occasion of the new academic February year 2014 . Its pleasure to tell you that the university opening apply for university colleges.

    The following colleges :

    * Faculty of Islamic Sciences
    * Faculty of languages
    * Faculty of Computer and Information Technology.
    *Faculty of education .
    * Faculty of Finance and Management.
    *Language center
    *Faculty of engineering

    The university offer :
    Bachelor degree
    Master degree
    PHD degree
    Both online and on campus learning for more information you can visit

    for more information about Bachelor degree

    for more information about master degree

    Best Regard
    Al madinah international university

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