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Thread: Indian Students build patriotic portal again

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    Default Indian Students build patriotic portal again

    Hi guys,
    I am a newbie here
    I got this email this morning from
    Its a website by students studying in America about going back to India.
    Must for evry NRI I guess.
    If you havent got the mail,
    here it is from its admin.


    Greatness is not achieved by running away from difficulties. We gained our independence after
    nearly 150 years of struggle.
    Ignorance, indifference, callousness. We can all be accused of being one or all of these. We the educated,

    well-bred masses of INDIA, who cannot wait to get out of the country to make a living. Earn that fast buck.Drive

    that zappy new car. Be that guy from abroad. Well, it's time we all grew up. After all, We came, we saw, we...never

    left as once we promised. What did we achieve? A high-paying job, that zappy sports car, this fantastic house on the

    beachfront, a comfortable bank balance that will allow us to send money to INDIA all we want (I hardly think our

    parents wait for us to grow up and start sending them loads and loads of green paper)
    Well, it would be more useful if we could say something like...I taught a 15 year old street kid to count his coins,

    I taught night classes for the
    elderly, I voted for the guy from IIT, I made a decision FOR my country...I made a difference in my country today.

    Simply by being there.
    We hear our country you?
    Let's go then...
    Let's go back....
    Let's go back to India.....

    Well..let's at least talk about it. Come on over here and become a part of this vibrant group of Indians with great

    plans for their country and their countrymen.
    (see the main page with each Indian's quotes for his/her country).
    Well...see you then at


    AMazing isnt it

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    India1989 Guest


    i will return back to India.

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    That's inspiring

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    India1989 Guest


    well that's inspiring all right but why dont' they return first.

    I want to return but is anyone encouraging me to go back. All they will say is about the corruption they have and stupid nonsense. Why not encourage.

    This remind of Rang de basanti. Here there was a line which said that what's going on , let it go on and not do anything about it or else do something about it and work to change the situation.

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    rang de basanti was a good movie. I am very tempted to return to India but my whole family's in New Zealand so it's kinda like leaving your family back in your homeland again... with a twist

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    India1989 Guest


    Yup it was a good movie. I understand your situation. But i will return to India by hook or by cook. I don't care whether my family is in mars or jupiter till i have contact with them and i know that they are safe. Cause if i am succesful in India i could bring them over here any time.

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