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Apple AirPods Pro 2 review: A complete package

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  • Apple AirPods Pro 2 review: A complete package

    I wouldn’t have made it through the lockdown period if not for the large terrace in my old apartment block and my AirPods Pro. I used the latter so much on long calls while I walked on the terrace, that one evening when I tried to clock more steps than usual, they popped out of my sweaty ears and got trampled under my feet. The AirPods Pro was my closest ally in my loneliness, as well as in the claustrophobic environs of Zoom calls. Now the latest version is here, and with some extra features on what was already the best truly wireless earphones out there.

    Truly wireless earphones are hard to improve, especially if the audio quality is already good. But Apple has thought out of the box on how this can be achieved, justifying the gap between device updates. There is almost no change in the design, or so you will think initially. But there are new elements here — a small lanyard loop, the ability to be charged using the Apple Watch charger, and some speaker grills.

    Why would the AirPods Pro case need speakers, you might wonder? Well, this is because Apple is trying to solve a problem faced by many users, that of misplacing the case. Now, one can use the FindMy app on your iPhone to seek and find the case, like you would use the Apple AirTags. If you are near the location and still can’t find it, there is the option to make the case play a tone, and that is why these have speakers.

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