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Technoloader Launched India's First Fantasy Crypto Trading: TRADE THE GAMES

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  • Technoloader Launched India's First Fantasy Crypto Trading: TRADE THE GAMES

    Jaipur-based leading IT Company, Technoloader IT Services Pvt. Ltd. recently launched Trade The Games, a platform that convoys the concept of crypto trading and fantasy gaming together. Currently, the service is available only on websites, but very soon, it would be rolled out as an app on Google Play Store and iTunes as well.

    This Platform would enable fathomless chances to learn crypto trading while eradicating all the risks of having them invest in real cryptos.

    On the occasion of the launch, the founder of Technoloader and Trade The Games, Mr. Vipin Kumar, CEO Technoloader Pvt. Ltd., said, "Trade The Games has been developed to make people familiar with the crypto trading environment. There are many people who start buying and selling cryptos without being familiar with the nature of crypto and its market. They make losses and blame the technology for it."

    TTG provides incentives to users so they can escalate their trading artifice. TTG does not only make the learning possible, but it also gives them a chance to make profits without being exposed to actual currencies.

    TTG allows to appraise users' crypto trading stratagem and grasp how to perform best without any risk of losing big money. The platform adopts the format of fantasy gaming and makes the learning of crypto trade interesting. Trade The Games is an utterly innocuous trading platform, no need to be conscious about investment. The objective of TTG is to make the crypto trade possible for everyone.

    With TTG, Technoloader is taking a big step into the crypto sphere. It has used the experience and insights into the making of this platform. It should be noted that this platform is launched at a time when there are already so many crypto exchanges to do the trading.

    According to him, TTG addresses some fundamental problems that persisted since the beginning of crypto trading. Trade The Game will make crypto trading available in the contest format. The users will be able to participate and will be able to learn while trying to outperform their competitors.

    It provides a realistic crypto trade environment that gives situations that traders come across on a regular basis. To make this possible, the website will be timely updated so it could show all the possible circumstances to the participants.

    Trade The Game simplifies the learning of crypto trade and makes this financial activity feasible for everyone.

    About Technoloader IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

    Technoloader IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is a global IT solutions provider which has engulfed every technology used to strengthen and expand your business. Our services start with website, mobile app and game development going all the way to blockchain. We have the knowhow and experience to deliver the best of blockchain as per the requirement of industry. The services that we provide are cost-effective, efficient and result-yielding to every business. We have our professional and hardworking developers who work dedicatedly to create something better every time with every new project. Our motto is to provide service in terms of quality and time both.

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    As per CEO Technoloader Pvt. Ltd., said, “Trade The Games has been developed to make people familiar with the crypto trading environment.
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      Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular and the trading of these digital assets is becoming more and more popular. However, many people do not know how to trade them and this is where technoloaders come in. They are platforms that allow users to trade fantasy cryptocurrencies. This means that the cryptocurrencies on these platforms are not based on any real world currency. This has made them popular with people who want to gamble on the outcomes of these virtual currencies.


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