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  • Bio links are booming What you say on this

    We’re actually surprised we didn’t see this sooner but alas, Shopify has launched its own Link in Bio tool called Linkpop.

    The humble bio link may seem like old news, and why wouldn’t it? Many of us probably come across that “click the link in my bio” call-to-action daily. But the bio link has transitioned from footnote to the main character — another market boosted by the pandemic and now riding the tailwinds of the creator economy.

    AJ, the founder of Carrd, told the Verge that he had to start building out his team when the bio link part of the business started growing in 2020. Influencers picked up the tool as the Black Lives Matter movement started picking up steam. Then there’s Jijo Sunny and the makers behind Buy Me A Coffee. They launched Bio Link recently, announcing that it grew to serve 170k creators with 4M monthly visitors in the six months after its beta launch.

    Last week Linktree, which is probably the most well-known name in the business with more than 24 million users, joined the unicorn club. Co-founder Alex Zaccaria told TechCrunch last March about its hyper-speed growth — 4 million new users within just three months.

    Linktree just announced a partnership with Shopify at the end 2021, enabling users to launch a storefront on their Linktree page. Shopify’s new product will now compete — it features customizable pages, lets users shop directly on bio pages, and delivers a “page-load about one-fifth the size of other bio tools.”

    With millions of users on Linktree, it’s likely that a partnership still makes sense for Shopify, as an offering for its own 1.75 million users, but the new product may remind other startups that the market is delicate. As AJ put it to the Verge, “One technical change on any of the platforms, by allowing people to link to various things from their page, could destroy these services.”

    If you have any questions or feedback on Linkpop, make sure to drop it here?? for the Shopify team today.

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