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Content, freebies, and digital products to share with your audience

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  • Content, freebies, and digital products to share with your audience

    You’ve created content, freebies, and digital products to share with your audience so you can achieve your goal of earning a living online.

    But...then comes the most difficult part - actually writing to your audience.

    What do you say? And how do you say it?

    What if your digital products or services aren’t ready to sell yet? And when they are, how do you even SELL in an email?

    What if you annoy people?

    What if they unsubscribe and you lose some of those subscribers you worked so hard for?

    Believe me. All these questions raced through my mind, too. I had built up somewhat of an email list but had NO idea how to engage with them in a way that would help my business, rather than hurt it.

    Can I tell you something? These fears are totally normal. In fact, most creators who earn a full-time living online had email writing imposter syndrome when they first got started. They just didn’t let those fears stop them.

    They knew how valuable sending emails to their audience would be to their business, even before they had anything to sell. That’s why they started learning what it took to write email newsletters that would build real, lasting relationships with their subscribers and eventually turn them into buyers.

    It doesn’t happen overnight. But it does happen one great email at a time.

    And now it's your turn. it’s time to start sharing your voice.
    Founder & Creative Mind of Megrisoft
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    Thanks for sharing. Nice post. People love free stuff. It's a fact that you can occasionally use to boost interest in your products or services.


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      Some examples of digital products :-
      • Online courses and webinars.
      • Kindle books.
      • Audiobooks.
      • Software programs.
      • Web elements like Shopify or WordPress themes.
      • Printables.
      • Membership sites.
      • Workbooks.
      Web design company