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  • Million Dollar Homepage - Amazing

    Something revolutionary happened last month that is going to be part of the Internet history in coming years. One college student named Alex Tew from England came up with a brilliant idea and invented a new way of advertising on the Internet. His main purpose was to make 1 million dollars for his college degree.

    The idea goes like this, He divided his homepage in to one million pixels ad space and is selling one pixel for $1 with minimum purchase of 100 pixels. In just little over 1 month, he has sold over 390,000 pixels. As we all know pixels are really small, you can’t even see one pixel with your naked eye.

    Most people question, why advertisers are paying him so much money? The reason is very simple. Take advantage of this massive traffic generating system. His homepage receives more than 65,000 visitors every month and has been growing everyday. People who started early benefited the most. Other reason is, when you advertise on this site, you get direct hyperlink to your website improving your rank in Search engines. Your ad stays permanently for 5 years. There is no limit on impressions and the number of clicks you receive. So, instead of advertising on other sites where they charge by impressions or clicks, people are choosing this one.

    You may want to check out and see for yourself. It is worth looking at it. I have spent $100 to buy 100 pixels and so far it has been great. My ad is so small you won’t be even able to find it. However, I still get click troughs and receiving traffic. There are many more sites have came up who offer similar thing, If you are thinking to advertise on these type of sites, do it early and take the maximum advantage of it.

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    The first Indian Pixel homepage found!

    This is the same idea as the famous Million dollar homepage but exclusively for Indians worldwide. Check it out at .
    If you ever think to put your ad on this site, do it early so that you can take maximum advantage of it and also get the best spot where people can easily find you.
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      Pretty good site. What is that site about anyways? Only for advertising?


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        That'right, Just for advertising. Pixel Ads are considered to be the next generation in online advertising. It also increases your Page Rank in Google and other big search engines. This is because, your website link will be on a high traffic homepage which will make Google think that your site is also very popular. (that's how Google calculates link popularity).

        I think, it's the cheapest and most effective online advertising option.


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          THat's pretty good. You can have like thousands of company in one site. That's so cool.


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            Hi All,
            I found out another one.. Seems to be a nicely designed site with an imaginative name! Let's see how well it fares!
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              That is smart. Wow. all thesenew things happening. I don't need to advertise anything though. But if I can make these sites then it will be cool. I can earn some money which will help me.
              indiahoarding is clearly another site like that.


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                Hi All,

                I had read up on Alex Tew's idea and have started something on my own. This is something new I am trying but and wanted to focus on all things Indian.


                2/3 of the page I have opened up for free advertisement, for anybody to try out. So if you would want to generate free awareness of your business this can be a good place.

                Ultimately I would like this to be a place where you can go for businesses related to India or information sharing forums such as this one. All the information contained in one place.

                Please check it out. Your feedback would be most welcome as well.

                Thank you
                YAMAHA VIRAGO 1100 HISTORY
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                  this site is good. Keep up the good work.


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                    Thank you. Appreciate you checking it out.
                    SMOKE KILLS
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                      You are welcome. I hope someday I will advertise my company too.


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                        hindustanpixels, I have visited your site. Its really very nice site. You are doing the great job. keep it up.
                        Megrisoft Team Member
                        Search India


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                          hi megrisoft,

                          thank you for visiting the site, and I appreciate your comment.
                          HONDA CD175
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                            This is a hoax. Give me a break!