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Introduction to Google Cloud

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  • Introduction to Google Cloud

    Greetings from CloudNow Technologies, a strategic Tier I cloud partner with Google. where we help you solve business problems using technology. Born in the Cloud, CNW works in conjunction with Google to bring the efficiency of the cloud to companies just like yours.

    In the COVID-19 era, the Cloud’s relevance and utility have become essential to any business looking to digitally transform - whether for remote business management, work-flow management, or creation of dashboards providing a bird’s eye view of overall operations.

    With Google’s Cloud solutions managed and implemented through CNW, your organization can benefit in some of the following ways:
    • Guaranteed cost savings between 10-15% on your Cloud Platform billing.
    • Modernize your infrastructure and provide access to all your applications and systems from any authorized device
    • DevOps automation with fine-grain analytics. With a CI/CD pipeline established, create world-class efficiencies for a fraction of the cost.
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