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    The Role Of Facial Recognition

    With nations such as China introducing social credit systems to the world, the role technology plays in society continues to evolve. Citizens in that nation are unable to perform simple societal functions if scores are below acceptable limits. Those participating in the trial are often embarrassed as scores are not accessible. In western countries, many citizens fear this type of control may be heading here as well. Popular smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung have equipped the majority of consumers with facial recognition technology. Many users unlock devices with these features, and social networks have begun utilizing this technology also. As time progresses, companies across the world will find innovative applications for this technology.

    Body Cams and Facial Recognition
    Recently, the state of California brought forth bills which may outlaw the use of facial recognition technology used in conjunction with police body cameras. In the land of successful film producers such as David Guillod, the spotlight is undoubtedly on how this case develops. Those opposing these bills believe facial recognition technology in law enforcement will create a safer society.

    Gender Swap and Facial Recognition
    Over the past few weeks, social media users have gone into a frenzy over Snapchat’s gender swap filter. As something that initially appeared as a mere novelty, many individuals have marvelled as to how well this filter works.

    Facial Recognition and Ethnic Bias
    The underlying ethnic and racial biases that exist in society have an impact on how technology comes to pass. In terms of facial recognition, many institutions have determined that this technology works better on white males who have light skin. On the contrary, facial recognition software is not very useful for women of colour.

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    Samsung Introduces Quick Share, Its Answer To Apple's Airdrop

    • Samsung now has its own AirDrop-like feature.
    • It is called Quick Share and has debuted on Galaxy S20 phones.
    • Quick Share will come to other devices soon.

    Apple is known for providing a hassle-free user experience across its devices something that gains iOS an edge over other mobile operating systems. While Android has its own advantages, iOS is spot on with its nifty features. One of these features is AirDrop that is useful for when you have to share files between Apple devices. Samsung, which relies on Android as an ecosystem on its smartphone, has finally come up with its answer to AirDrop. Called the Quick Share, the new wireless file transfer facility is debuting on the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

    Along the same lines, Google is also working on an AirDrop-like feature that will be called Nearby Sharing. It is expected to be rolled out to Pixel phones before it makes its way to devices from other OEMs. Nearby Sharing will also use connectivity options such as Bluetooth, in addition to NFC to ensure the file transfers are quicker. While AirDrop too has similar functionality, it also takes into account the user profile that has been used to sign in to an Apple device. If one account has more than one Apple device, AirDrop on either device will automatically show the nearby iPhone or MacBook or iPad.


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      Xiaomi Mi 10 series to launch today

      The Mobile World Congress (MWC) for 2020 has been called off due to the Coronavirus outbreak but phone launches are still happening in other parts of the world. Especially in China, which has been hit the worst, Xiaomi is going ahead with the launch of its Mi 10 flagship. The phone will be launched today but for the first time, the company will host an online launch that can be attended via live stream only. Xiaomi is going to launch the Mi 10 series flagships at today’s event. The Mi 10 series will be unveiled for the China market today and it is supposed to be the most feature-rich Android phone Xiaomi has ever made. With so many leaks and teaser out, the Mi 10 already looks promising and the best part is that it might come to India soon. The launch will be broadcasted via Xiaomi’s Weibo account and you can watch it from here. The live stream will begin at 11:30 am IST.


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        Cyber-crime Profits Reached $3.5bn In 2019, Says FBI

        Criminals netted $3.5bn (£2.7bn) from cyber-crimes reported to the FBI alone in 2019, according to the service's internet crime complaint centre (IC3). It received 467,361 complaints from individuals and businesses during the year and has had nearly five million since its inception in 2000. Phishing and extortion remain the most popular ways of scamming people. It says techniques are becoming more sophisticated, making it harder for people to tell "real from fake". This is especially true of web and email addresses that are fooling people because they look increasingly legitimate. Last year IC3 had 13,633 complaints from victims of so-called tech-support fraud, which involves a scammer phoning an individual and claiming there is a problem with their computer that needs immediate fixing.


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          Google Starts Appeal Against £2bn Shopping Fine

          Google's appeal against a huge fine imposed by the European Commission over its alleged abuse of power in promoting its own shopping comparison service will be heard over the next three days. The hearing will take place at the General Court in Luxembourg. The €2.4bn ($2.6bn; £2bn) fine was handed out in 2017 and the search giant has always vowed to fight it. It argues that the case has no legal or economic merit. In a statement to the BBC, Google said: "We're appealing [against] the European Commission's 2017 Google Shopping decision because it is wrong on the law, the facts, and the economics. Shopping ads have always helped people find the products they are looking for quickly and easily and helped merchants to reach potential customers. "We look forward to making our case in court and demonstrating that we have improved quality and increased choice for consumers."


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            These Are The Top Future Technology Trends In AI

            With technology evolving fast, we’re likely to see a lot of challenges being overcome. Over recent years, AI has garnered a vast amount of global attention and is deemed as one of the technologies that will usher the next biggest technological change. Today, enterprises consider AI as a tangible, efficient, and scalable method to extract value from information. That said, AI applications have started to closely reflect their potential in the market with ready integration capabilities and features that significantly impact how businesses operate across industry verticals. For instance, data synthesis methodologies are now available to combat data challenges in AI. With the emergence of techniques such as meta-learning, AI is becoming far less data-hungry. Additionally, the advent of ‘Explainable AI’ has simplified the acceptance of AI in regulated industries where explainability is crucial to ensure that the system is void of unintended biases.