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Mozilla's latest Firefox plans may not make developers and users happy.

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  • Mozilla's latest Firefox plans may not make developers and users happy.

    Like Chrome, the new Firefox will use multiple processes to isolate misbehaving content (and, as with Chrome, it’s memory footprint will undoubtedly grow significantly) and it will gain a new API called WebExtensions which will allow “code written for Chrome, Opera, or, possibly in the future, Microsoft Edge [to] run in Firefox with few changes.”

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    Mozilla won't follow Google in limiting APIs is coming Extensions Manifest v3

    Google revealed some time ago that it was working on a new Extensions Manifest file for the Chrome web browser. The company published an early draft of the Manifest v3 file and it turned out that some extension developers were not particularly happy with some of the changes. Developers spoke out against some of the planned changes as it could be the end for content blockers such as uBlock Origin and others. Google wanted to limit an API that content blockers and other extensions were using for the blocking and replace it with another API that had severe limitations. Google changed some parameters in an updated version of the draft in June but planned to launch the change in-development versions of Chrome in 2019.


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      I do not know whether the developers/product managers (if the latter do exist) ... my opinion means nothing, and my plans can be just ruined because of this is open . I hope Mozilla's new users base will be happy with that.