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    Best of Innovation (Drones & Unmanned Systems)
    Long Endurance Fuelcell Drone (DS30 with DP30)
    By Doosan Mobility Innovation

    Click image for larger version

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    Doosan's DS30 with a DP30 is a fully integrated hydrogen fuel cell commercial drone solution. This drone is built for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) applications and as a scalable tool for organizations deploying fleets of drones.

    This fuel cell power pack enables long-endurance drone flights. With eco-friendly technology that uses hydrogen, which is a clean energy source, this system has an overwhelming energy density (700wh/kg) more than three times that of a battery drone, enabling up to two hours of short flight time, which was the most restricted condition in the conventional drone industry.


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      Best Beauty Tools and Gadgets in 2020

      Nuface Trinity Facial Toning Device
      This handheld "toning" device is designed to address such ageing concerns as fine lines, wrinkles and facial contour, all the while improving overall skin tone through the use of microcurrent technology.

      Tria Blue Light
      It reduced the appearance of their blackheads and whiteheads and improved the texture of their skin.

      Foreo UFO
      Foreo's single-use facial masks (which are sold separately), this app-enabled device heats, cools and pulses in order to boost the skin's absorbency, Eterno

      Skincare LED Anti-Aging Device

      The device's red light is meant to boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


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        Best of Innovation (Headphones & Personal Audio)
        Norm Glasses

        By Human Capable Inc.
        Click image for larger version

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        Looks may be deceiving. Take Norm Glasses, for example. They look like normal sunglasses, yet they have actually augmented reality (AR) smart glasses, featuring Android-based OS, voice user interface, dual speakers, camera, and a head-up display that can show digital content in the user's field of view.

        Weighing less than 36 grams, Norm Glasses can be worn all day and pair via Bluetooth with Android or iOS smartphones. The glasses can also provide captioning for the hearing impaired and enable blind people to interact with digital content with voice or to get help from a remote assistant.


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          15 Best tech accessories of CES 2020 - from chargers and trackers to pocket translators

          • Best phone case
          • Best power bank
          • Best Power Stations
          • Best Tracker
          • Best phone grip
          • Best fashion wearable
          • Best translation Device
          • Best Personal Security Device
          • Best car accessory
          • Best wireless charger
          • Best iPhone camera accessory
          • Best iPad accessory for artists
          • Best GoPro accessory
          • Best travel bag
          • best Sustainable bag


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            New sensors are coming to upgrade your health

            There was the Withings scan watch, which now includes an electrocardiogram, photoplethysmography for optical heart rate, SpO2 for blood oxygen and deeper sleep analysis that can detect sleep apnea. There was the GoBe3, which can automatically track calorie intake (i.e. the number of calories your body actually absorbs) and can detect your stress level based on skin readings using similar technology to what's used in lie-detector tests. There was also vallencell's blood pressure sensing earbuds, which could be used to help fight hypertension, the world's most widespread undiagnosed condition. There were products to measure blood sugar and smart glasses to help people with dyslexia -- while those products still have work to do, it's great to see companies dedicating energy and resources to tackle these issues and we have to expect that they're laying the groundwork for future products.
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              Best of Innovation (Embedded Technologies)
              Syntiant NDP100 Neural Decision Processor

              By Syntiant Corp.

              Click image for larger version

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              The Syntiant NDP100 microwatt-power Neural Decision Processor (NDP) is a commercial silicon device designed to put machine learning/AI processing into almost any consumer device.

              Custom built to run neural workloads, the NDP100 processor consumes less than 150 microwatts making AI a reality for products as small as hearing aids to as large as laptops without requiring a connection to the cloud.

              Syntiant's processors enable a speech interface within the smallest systems to supplement or replace tactile interfaces, such as buttons, switches, dials, and touch screens.


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                Best of Innovation (Virtual & Augmented Reality)

                By NextMind

                NextMind is the world's first brain-sensing device enabling users to control their VR/AR headsets with their mind.

                Click image for larger version

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                The NextMind device sits at the back of the head and clips to any headband, cap or VR/AR headset and could be seamlessly unified with VR/AR headsets. It combines deep neural networks and neural signals from the brain to transform a user's intention into direct brain commands, creating a symbiotic connection with the digital world.

                For example, it allows users to perform actions and navigate without traditional controllers, creating a direct and touchless immersion with virtual or augmented environments.


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                  Best of Innovation (Smart Cities)
                  The Valerann Smart Roads System

                  By Valerann

                  Valerann created an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor that transforms roads into data-generating infrastructure, which makes travelling faster, safer, and supportive of autonomous vehicles.
                  Click image for larger version

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                  Valerann's Smart Road System is an AI web-based traffic management platform that produces real-time, high-resolution information about everything that takes place on the road. By integrating wireless sensing technologies into roads, the system continuously provides insights and predictions, transforming roads into future-ready, data-generating infrastructure.

                  For example, aggregating this information allows Valerann to provide real-time critical information to drivers such as informing autonomous vehicles of merging vehicles, sharing information about risks, and providing navigation apps with lane-by-lane traffic.

                  The sensors can use controllable LEDs to share simple messages with drivers, anywhere on the road.