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PM Modi seeks ‘prompt, decisive’ action from Sharif

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  • PM Modi seeks ‘prompt, decisive’ action from Sharif

    The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanded to Nawaz Sharif to take some strict against the anti-terror attack of Pathankot. He asked that all the evidences were sending to Pakistan Forum that the terrorists belong to Pakistan. This is unacceptable. He said he have to complete his promise and deliver all the information about them soon.
    In previous discussions of Army officials over the past few days Modi explained that India gives you “specific and actionable” information for Pakistan to probe. He also demanded to take some strict actions against the organizations that are responsible for these kind of attacks.

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    PM Modi has asked to Pakistan PM to take strict action against terrorism but, Pakistan has always denied to take the terrorist as their citizens. Then how can be this terror will be finished. Big question ????
    Neha Rani
    Success doesn't come to u , U Go To It....


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      Let us hope Pak will take immediate action on the terrorist of this terrifying act.