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In Delhi, Every Year Air Pollution Kill 30,000 Peoples

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  • In Delhi, Every Year Air Pollution Kill 30,000 Peoples

    Air Pollution in Delhi is become major threat as every year it takes 10,000-30,000 life’s and now it is become the fifth largest cause of death in Country. Change in climate also brings dangerous diseases like dengue and malaria.

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    But Delhi government could pass some rules to reduce the pollution which really affect the the humans health. Some of them are that all auto rickshaws become LPG before March 2016 and suggest residents of Delhi to did polling. All diesel cars are banned in Delhi.


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      Air pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world.Lack of clean drinking water facilities, degradation of forests and use of fertilizers have taken a toll on the health of Indians.


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        Very worrying situation


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          Air pollution Became a major problem for the whole Country,Government Should take action to reduce the pollution.


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            In Delhi, every year air pollution kills 30,000 people. The problem is most severe in the morning and the evening, when the city's traffic fumes mix with the smog from factories and cookstoves. Inhaling these toxins can cause heart disease, lung cancer, and even death. India has been struggling to clean up its air for years, but progress has been slow.