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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's planned meditation session in Kanyakumari

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  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi's planned meditation session in Kanyakumari

    Based on the provided sources, the Congress has raised concerns to the Election Commission (EC) regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's planned meditation session in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, from May 30 to June 1, which coincides with the 48-hour silence period before the final phase of the Lok Sabha elections. The Congress delegation, including senior leaders like Randeep Surjewala and Abhishek Singhvi, has alleged that PM Modi's meditation is an attempt to circumvent the silence period and gain an unfair advantage in the election campaign.

    The Congress has emphasized that any form of campaigning, direct or indirect, during the 48-hour silence period is against the Model Code of Conduct and electoral laws. They have urged the EC to intervene and ensure that Modi's meditation is not broadcasted by any media platform to prevent any indirect campaigning during this crucial period.

    PM Modi's choice of Kanyakumari for his meditation has been linked to Vivekananda's vision for India, highlighting the ethno-cultural significance of the location. However, opposition parties like Congress and DMK have expressed reservations, citing concerns about the potential influence on voters through continuous media coverage of Modi's spiritual sojourn.

    The security arrangements for Modi's 45-hour stay in Kanyakumari include the deployment of 2,000 police personnel, surveillance by the Indian Coast Guard and Navy, and restrictions such as the closure of the beach to tourists and suspension of private boat services during his visit.

    In conclusion, the controversy surrounding PM Modi's meditation in Kanyakumari and the objections raised by the Congress highlight the sensitivity and scrutiny surrounding political activities during the election period. The impact of this event on the Lok Sabha elections remains to be seen, as it raises questions about the boundaries of campaigning and the ethical considerations within the electoral process.​
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