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Power Crisis - Urgent awareness needed!

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  • Power Crisis - Urgent awareness needed!


    Are you aware that Personal Computers are one of the fastest-growing electricity loads in the business and academic worlds? According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), they account for five percent of commercial electricity consumption in USA.

    In India, considering the software boom, policy makers should realize the existence of this ‘invisible’ demand before it is too late. We are talking about 10 million PCs currently and expected to reach 100 million PCs in the next 5 years!!!! An average PC system including Monitor and support like lights, Air conditioning, etc will be 500 watts. If 50% of the PCs are used by software developers for 8 hours a day we would be using 20 Million KW per day currently and this would go up by 10 times in five years. THIS IS PROBABLY A VERY LOW ESTIMATE.

    NOTE: A conventional PC system is composed of the computer itself (the central processing unit or CPU), a monitor, and a printer. The CPU may require anywhere from 40 watts to 150 watts of electric power. A typical 14-inch color monitor uses at least 75 watts to 100 watts of power (a 17-inch monitor uses 40 percent more energy than a 14-inch monitor). The power requirements of conventional laser printers can be as much as 200 watts while printing and at least 50 watts just idling.

    The CONSUMERS should also be made aware of METHODS TO SAVE ELECTRICITY. Walk into any software lab and you will see the computers are ‘ON” almost round the clock, even if the person is not using it. It has become fashionable to keep the PC ‘on’!!! A list of POWER SAVING TIPS should be provided to computer users by the Electricity providers.

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    A PC uses the power of just one 60 watt bulb.

    If you keep putting your PC on and off every time you decide to go the toilet very soon you are going to knock off your hard, I mean the computer's.