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  • Why?

    Yes, indeed its a word that announces a question, a question with a variety of responses suggesting insight and perceptions. Why has this occured? Why do we feel remorse? It's a saddened sight to see all the dead bodies scattered about as "tsunami" made its way. As a result this had a severe phsycological effect on others to overcome this misfortune and pain. Why do we do this? What has media to do with this? What has economy to do with this? What's India's reputation viewed as? ...Our mother our land our thoughts as a whole, preserve it, dont get it poisoned. What is being done? I guess it's the invitation of our diseased counterparts with their thoughtless, selfish deeds, penetrating like spy's to go invade our native land. An attempt is made to extract a bit of our life into a test tube and return only to bring back profits with our fortunes and make selfish critics. It's a contraversial subject. And yah as for our international brothers and sisters, we are all following footsteps. what is going on... On one side we are fighting ourselves trying to separate the country and on the other we are being fought at by having our country ruined. We are fighting a pshycological war, that's what I think. what is your opinion. Be strong and "buck up" to the danger that is surrounding us because we got alot to live on.

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    Well life is a constant struggle and in such times specially when nature destroys life one has to be strong to fight the pshycological war and not only emerge a winner himself but also help others to come out of the depression and live their life further.We may be separate and may fight but at such times we should be joined together so that the human race can be saved and life can be carried forward.Help is not only by way of money or material things but we can contribute also by giving compassion,love and time for all those who have lost all their near and dear ones and who have to be again shown that their is some hope and that they should learn to live again with the remembrance of their loved ones with them.Instead of thinking WHY it happened we need to see the present and take steps to make the present and future peaceful and worth living.
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      If the Past is Forgotten the Future will Never Exist

      True, when in doubt the leaders of the country still sit carelessly counting the hours and counting the population being diminished. For one, where are India's resources. Did India become too westernized to help out. When we are educated were do we go instead for work. While our departure from our native land marks a decline in India's economy, the foreign companies - filthy rich as they are - will benefit tremendously. It is also true that man's wish is to increase he's standard of living, but without thinking he gives up all hope where he grew up in. Isn't that considered selfish? An alternative could be to establish an Indian only company it India.


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        please tell

        What precisely are you grieving about Omni?
        Is it the tsunami,the economy,Indian sellouts,big bad foreign companies,or what?
        I would like to mourn with you but you must tell me what to grieve about.


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          Ahh that is were the dilema lies.

          It isn't a grief that I am posing but more of an indication of an obstacle that India is facing, and I am not mourning because I believe India is strong and not inept. However the direction India is facing is still uncertain, you may have other opinions and please post them here I would like to hear.

          Perhaps I had expressed my views without any focus therefore I will make an attempt to say it concretely by saying it slowly all the while asking questions in the attempt and hope that one might understand.

          Firstly, when we see India what do we "see?" When we look at an Indian movie is it not the glamour life that is depicted and yet when we see a video documentary about India's poverty is it not the challenge or the epidemic we see. Why do we see contradictory views of India? In one hand, we feel grief and in the other we feel "on top of the world." When we feel grief does it not lead us to think that India is a less than developed country - which is degrading in some respect - I don't want to point fingers but we all know who's fault this is...[Enter your opinion]


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            The Mystery of India

            India is a poem,a stink,a grating noise,the resonance of OM,a quality of time,a perpetual contradiction,hell and the last portal to heaven.

            (Slightly altered from John Steinbeck's preface to Cannery Row.)

            And guess who said this:
            "India? Why India is a nonsense country."

            Yes,Omni I guess you have a reason to feel bemused.


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              Struggle lived and still continues to live

              Thanks I feel better in knowing that I am not the only one who's confused. Well like they say "ABCD." Maybe India is a world of abstraction trying to come down with a level of concretness or maybe She's trying to get back together again, I dunno...not to forget, India has went through many conflicts throughout its history up until know, ie. Slavery, British ruling, aryan invasion, conflicts between casts, war of the religions, territory separations (eg. Pakistan, Bangladesh and etc.), nuclear testing, foreign chemical testing and so on. Makes one ponder how India still manages to be a single entity. What we need is a good Indian leader who has infact knowledge of these matters and who could provide a solution so as to lead the way for a better future. Struggle lived and still continues to live not if one could change.