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MoU between NASSCOM and Tech UK to make NASSCOM Futureskills

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  • MoU between NASSCOM and Tech UK to make NASSCOM Futureskills

    The big one in April, which is also my first month as President NASSCOM, has to be the India – UK Tech Alliance formed by NASSCOM and TechUK (UK tech Association), aimed at increasing collaboration on skills and new technologies, assist in policy development and encourage innovation. A key highlight of the Tech Alliance initiative was the signing of an MoU between NASSCOM and Tech UK to make NASSCOM Futureskills the platform for workforce development in UK future jobs. The MOU was signed in the presence of Baroness Fairhead, Minsiter of State for International Trade, UK and later we had the opportunity to brief both Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister May on it. Both were very happy with the focus on addressing the skill gap, which today one of the most serious challenges faced by most countries. PM Modi was very appreciative of the work done and that a platform, he had launched just a few months back, was now being adopted by developed countries as their preferred platform for IR 4.0 reskilling and skilling.

    A joint statement was issued afterwards by India and the UK which welcomed the dynamic new India-UK Trade Partnership to facilitate investment in both directions. There was also a special mention of the NASSCOM- India-UK Tech CEO Alliance and the signing of the Futureskills MoU, in the joint statement issued by both Prime Ministers.

    A lot more highlights in April like the NASSCOM-PayTM hackathon for women to challenge India’s challenges, a very successful GCC conclave in Mumbai attended by 600+ participants etc. Please do read more about these in the Monthly Mailer

    For me, it has been a little over five months since I joined NASSCOM in November last year, and I had the privilege to engage with many of you already, and be a part of this extraordinary team. It is indeed overwhelming to experience from such close quarters the sheer breadth and depth that our industry offers towards value creation, and why globally, we remain a trusted partner of choice.

    What can I say – this journey so far has been truly inspiring and I am loving every moment of it!

    I am also aware that I have joined NASSCOM at a time when the industry around us is changing at a pace which is unprecedented. It’s an interesting time where on hand the industry is faced with massive opportunities as digital transformation becomes a reality worldwide. And, on the other hand, we are also faced with before challenges in the form of political rhetoric on nationalism and protectionism, the urgency to reskill for future technologies and most of all, creating the much needed change mindset in the organization. As NASSCOM, it is our commitment to work with the industry from Sartups to SMEs to Large Cos to catalyze the transformation and accelerate growth with focus on the following:

    Accelerate market development both in India and globally to help industry identify and leverage new opportunities for business growth
    Grow tech capabilities and ecosystem for success in Industry4.0 with focus on reskilling for new jobs, accelerating innovation and solution development and growing the capabilities in SME, Startups and new age cos to build a robust ecosystem across the tech value chain.
    Lead the repositioning of the industry by positioning as a strong value creator, and continue to strengthen NASSCOM thought leadership and influence across key markets.
    Last but not the lease shift focus to offer value added services to each focus segment to increase membership satisfaction and growth.
    It is often said that while plans and intent are great to have, but strong execution is THE key to success. To increase focus on execution with higher accountability, we have restructured the secretariat to increase focus and depth, set the key priorities for 2018-19 with specific quarterly milestones to track progress to achieve the broader goals called out above.

    The 5+ months that I have now spent with the NASSCOM secretariat, I can confidently say that I work with an extremely committed team, and if anyone can pull this off, it’s them. That said, we cannot do this without your help and support. So look forward to higher engagements and collaboration to jointly make India the hub for talent, and innovation globally, and be a key contributor to realizing India’s Trillion Dollar digital economy goal and hopefully some more. The team and I are very excited about the journey ahead and making NASSCOM and our members shine globally.
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