When it comes to fitness, Jacqueline Fernandez sure knows how regularly up her game. She does so by trying out myriad variations and exercise forms that not only help improve one’s health but also provide much-needed motivation. The same was clearly visible in one of her most recent fitness post on social media in which she bowed “to the all-mighty kettlebell” ahead of a workout session with her trainer Shivoham.

In the series of pictures, Fernandez posed with a kettlebell — known to be exceptional for building full-body strength, mobility, and endurance in the body. The Vikrant Rona actor’s trainer shared the pictures that he captioned: “Let’s all bow to the all-mighty kettlebell.”

What are kettlebells?

Made of cast iron or cast steel ball with a handle attached to the top, kettlebells are used to perform dynamic strength and endurance exercises, Rachit Dua, senior fitness consultant at Team Aminder and a co-founder of Fitpathshala told the outlet during an earlier interaction.