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Company Launches Game Monetization in LATAM

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  • Company Launches Game Monetization in LATAM

    wo veterans of the Games Industry announced a new solution to game monetization in LATAM. It is a service for global companies that are interested in reaching the public of 158 million gamers in Latin America. The premium package combines instantaneous payments with marketing services.

    In 2012, Christian Ribeiro and Fernanda Domingues worked together on the implementation of game monetization in LATAM for Steam, the platform of Valve L.L.C. The solution enabled Steam's games to be purchased in Real, Brazil's currency.

    In 2020, they are reviving the partnership to meet the demand created by new digital distribution in game platforms.

    "The bank payment slip (Boleto) is one of the singularities of Brazilian's market. This type of payment only exists in Brazil. We are able to compensate it in minutes, which is really important for the gamers, because they don't want to wait a day to play," says Christian Ribeiro, CEO of Levpay.

    Fernanda Domingues, CEO of FD Comunicacao, who has been operating in the disclosure of gaming in LATAM for 23 years, adds that "studying the market, we came to the conclusion that in the current scenario, filled with battle royale games, where every publisher creates its own distribution platform, it's not enough to just offer the payment methods, it's important to communicate efficiently".

    Solution Meets demand of Game Monetization in LATAM

    To meet the demand, they are launching a service of game monetization in LATAM, boosted by marketing actions that speaks directly to the gamers.

    The premium package services include instantaneous and standard payment methods (Bank Payment Slip Express, Deposit Express and Credit Card) and marketing actions (public relations, social media management, campaigns with influencers, paid media and events).


    Christian is an entrepreneur by nature. Boacompra founder in 2004, today he is 36 years old and has been operating in the games market for 15 years. Everything started when he was a teenager. He wanted to play, but didn't have an international credit card, so he wasn't able to buy the games. So, he picked up his backpack and went to Gamescom, in Germany, to offer a payment solution that directly met the needs of the Brazilian public.

    His new company, Levpay was founded in 2017 and has partnered with the main Payment Gateways in Latin America attending companies from multiple sectors.
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