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Globalisation v/s NRI Family Values

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  • Globalisation v/s NRI Family Values

    Glad to be here....

    Here is a concern that I wish to share & receive your opinions about the same.

    Its very obvious that either with busy schedules or because of staying away from home both parents & kids don't have time to spend with one another, or to share, discuss, talk much...... An effect of which we get to see that the actual " Family Values also gradually fading away"

    Would be great if you all shared your views on
    "How do you think we are helping the up coming generation in maintaining the family values, despite staying miles away from we did learn it & still follow strong family bonds?"

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    This is a problem..which everybody face in this today's fast growing world..where we have to go far away from our parents..for many reasons..I order to teach our up coming generation what is family values,and how to develop family bonds..i think its important to initialize from our family itself,teach them how family is important..ur cousins..ur relatives..go for vacations with them, its good if u''l go with your relatives..spend time as much as u can..still if u dont have much time..atleast call them..for a while..take atleast one meal with your kids..spend sunday with them..


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