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UK prime ministerial candidate Rishi Sunak

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  • UK prime ministerial candidate Rishi Sunak

    British politician Rishi Sunak, who is in the running to become the next prime minister of the UK after Boris Johnson, got candid about his personal life in a new interview with The Sunday Times.The 42-year-old talked about many things, including how he met his wife Akshata Murty, the daughter of Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy and Sudha Murty, at a university in the US. Sunak, who is a member of the Conservative Party, said there was “clearly something” when he and Akshata met many years ago.

    “She is not going to love me for saying this, but I’ll be honest with you, she is not big on the whole tidying thing. She is a total nightmare, clothes everywhere… and shoes… oh God shoes.”

    “I didn’t really need to take it, but I did it anyway so we could sit next to each other.”

    The prime ministerial candidate also talked about his daughters Krishna, 11, and Anoushka, 9, saying he was “very lucky, because when they were born, I ran my own business with others but I was completely in control of my time and so I was very much around”.

    The couple reportedly met while Sunak studied MBA at Stanford University. They got married in a two-day ceremony in Bengaluru in 2006. Sunak, who was born to African-Hindu parents of Indian descent in Southampton, was quoted as saying that he had even switched classes at Stanford “to be in a particular class” to be able to sit next to Murty.

    During his campaign trail, his family was spotted with him. “I always say my parenting sweet spot is zero to three and I was really lucky that when they were that age I had the time to just be there a lot and do a lot. I loved every second of it. Every time I’m on the campaign trail and I see a little baby or something, my arm goes out,” he was quoted as telling the publication.