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The venomous bluebottle jellyfish spotted

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  • The venomous bluebottle jellyfish spotted

    There are many rare marine life species, which resurface from time to time, and among them is the bluebottle jellyfish that was recently spotted on a beach in Mumbai, leading to quite a frenzy among the locals.
    Amit Kumar Das captured some stunning images of the fish on his camera at the Girgaon Chowpatty beach — they may very well be mistaken for an oddly-shaped plastic or something of that sort.

    According to, the bluebottle jellyfish — also known as Physalia utriculus — is named so because of its appearance, which is that of a gas-filled sac “often referred to as ‘the float’, which resembles a blue bottle floating in the ocean”.

    The website describes the species as “foraging predators that feed mostly on larval fish and small crustaceans and mollusks”. It explains that they have “predatory tentacles” that are equipped with “stinging cells” used to paralyse and capture prey. Once that is done, the prey is transferred to the “mouths of digestive tentacles” and ingested.

    The bluebottles, because of their translucent bodies, are not easily spotted underwater and cannot be preyed upon. Interestingly, they use their “reproduction tentacles” to produce eggs and sperm both, which then make larva. “The larva divides itself many times until a colony is formed,” the website states.
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