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Functions of Advertising

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  • Functions of Advertising

    Functions of Advertising – Top 7 Functions of Advertising

    Advertising has become an essential marketing activity in the modern era of large-scale production and severe competition in the market.

    It performs the following functions:

    (1) It promotes the sale of goods and services by informing and persuading the people to buy them – A good advertising campaign helps in winning the new customers both in the national as well as the international market.

    (2) It helps in the introduction of new products in the market – A business enterprise can introduce itself and its products to the public through advertising. No new enterprise can make an impact over the prospective customers without the help of advertising. Advertising enables quick publicity in the market.

    (3) Advertising facilitates large-scale production – Advertising encourages production of goods on mass because the business firm knows that it will be able to sell on a large-scale with the help of advertising. Mass production reduces the cost of production per unit by making possible the economical use of various factory of production.

    (4) It stimulates research and development activities – Advertising has become a competitive marketing activity. Every firm tries to differentiate its product from the substitutes available in the market through advertising. This compels business firm to do more and more research to find new products and their new uses. If a firm does not engage in research and development activities, it will be out of the market in the near future.

    (5) Advertising educates the people about new products and their uses – Advertising message about the utility of a product enables the people to widen their knowledge. It is advertising which has helped people in adopting new ways of life and giving up old habits. It has contributed a lot towards the betterment of the standard of living of the society.

    (6) It sustains press – Advertising provides an important source of revenue to the publishers of newspapers and magazines. It enables to increase the circulation of their publications by selling them at lower rates. People are also benefited because they get new publications at cheaper rates.

    (7) It builds up the reputation of the advertiser – Advertising enables a business firm to communicate its achievements and its efforts to satisfy the customer’s need to the public. This increases the goodwill and reputation of the firm which is necessary to fight competition in the market.

    Functions of Advertising – 4 Important Advertising Functions
    The persuasive advertisement influence people to buy the products advertised. Through advertisements, consumers should have the perfect knowledge and information about the products available in the market.

    Society is affected by advertising in economic and social ways. Advertising encourages economic growth, maintains competition and informs consumers regarding the attributes of the products offered.
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    1. Advertising is a broad and diverse field with many functions.
    2. It can promote products and services, relay information, and influence buying behavior.
    3. There are different types of advertising, including direct marketing, public relations, and propaganda.
    4. Advertisers must consider the target audience and the medium in which they will be advertising.
    5. Advertising often employs creative methods to create a lasting impression on consumers.