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Industry Best practices for prevention & protection against coronavirus (Covid-19).

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  • Industry Best practices for prevention & protection against coronavirus (Covid-19).

    Covid -19 has been declared as pandemic by the World Health Organization. This has not only become a health crisis across the world but also threatens to impact the overall global economy severely, if not contained at the earliest. As we see in India also, the cases are on a rise with around 83 cases already been reported and many under surveillance.

    While the Indian government has handled the situation very proactively, the threat of coronavirus spreading further continues. It is therefore important that various sections of the society work together to address this challenge, which is to curtail the fast spreading of this disease further.

    Industry has a very important place in connecting with the society. Confederation of Indian Industry is constantly working with the government to extend all possible support to address issues concerning awareness, engaging private healthcare players and reaching out to members on addressing their business concerns during these challenging times.

    As a precautionary measure, CII recommends the following best practices that the membership would like to adopt to help cutting down the spreading of this disease.

    Companies may ask staff to avoid
    Travel by air either internationally or domestically. (With permission from the management in very necessary cases)
    Work from any other site other than their principal location.
    Going to office if suffering from cold or flu-like symptoms.
    Inviting any visitors to office site without the prior approval.
    Attending meetings, conferences or events of more than 20 people.
    Companies should ask staff to
    Self-isolate for 14 days if experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms or have returned to from another country for either business or personal reasons.
    Apply hand sanitiser when entering office.
    Undergo thermal testing upon arrival.
    Use non-physical greetings (ie avoid shaking hands) and maintain appropriate "social distance".
    Additional measures
    Special protocols to be laid down for members working in different departments like R & D, Sales and marketing, sourcing & distribution departments, office-based roles, etc
    Companies may promote all sourcing units and distribution centres to apply specialist tiered protocols to protect workers while supporting business continuity. This should be monitored by leaders.
    Strict site protocols for hygiene and social distancing to be put in place.
    All field sales employees to connect with customers virtually wherever possible and minimise the use of public transport if a customer visit is necessary.
    Strict protocols on social distancing (including non-physical greetings), and hand hygiene (especially after handling cash) to be put in place.
    Companies may promote all office-based employees globally to work from home. Any exceptions on this to be approved.
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