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Say 'No' to Workplace Stress

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  • Say 'No' to Workplace Stress

    This is a very important month for us here at The Stress Management Society. On Monday the 3rd we celebrated our 11th Birthday and today we are celebrating National Stress Awareness Day. For our National Stress Awareness Day Campaign this year we are shining a light on workplace stress; keeping in line
    with the EU-OSHA 2014-2015 Campaign: Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress.

    The Stress Management Society are collaborating with Aveda to raise awareness and share tips on how you can incorporate wellbeing into your day. A study by Aveda found that 43% of people say they feel stressed at least once a day at work, almost half said they fail to take a proper break from work for lunch and almost a third (28%) of people say that stress affects the quality of work. It is evident that work is a major stressor for most people and with working hours increasing, we are spending more time at work. In this newsletter you will find 10 Top Tips to support you reduce stress at work and achieve overall wellbeing.
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    Stress Management is very necessary as it may be responsible for many health issues like headache, Fatigue, obesity, depression, anxiety etc.
    To prevent stress one can follow simple tips like taking break to refresh mind, stay away from arguments, participate in fun or corporate wellness activities. After all staying healthy and happy is important.


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      What are an employee's rights when signed off work with stress? In the event that an employee is suffering from work-related stress, they will be entitled to take time off from work, and provide evidence from a medical practitioner of the reason for absence as they would for any other illness causing absence.
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        Mention one urgent project that is taking up all your time. Suggest a different time limit for the proposed extra work. Don't use the word 'no' directly. Don't be apologetic or feel guilty. But if you feel not ok with that Yes, you can (and should) say no "It's a matter of helping people learn that you'll respect yourself and your time." This holds true even in a recession or other times with high levels of job insecurity, she adds.