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Are you looking for best City for property investment?

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  • Are you looking for best City for property investment?

    Now Pune city is one of the best option for property investments. The real estate market of Pune has noticed a considerable growth in recent times. Changing aspiration of the local population, rapid increase in economic activity, good salary packages and increased employment opportunities have spurred the growth of real estate market in Pune.

    This sudden emergence of the real estate market in Pune can further be attributed to the rise in construction activity, the majority of which is being done in the residential sector. Real estate developers in Pune are building many townships on the outskirts of Pune.

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    Thanks really this is very informative post..


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      I would like suggest Mumbai for property investment. Jas Advisor offers advice and services (real estate agents/brokers) that help maximise the value of residential assets. They helps to provide provide information and do a SWOT analysis on the location, area, distances, upcoming and existing infrastructure and grade of the building.

      real estate agents in mumbai


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        Real Estate Investment Trust: Tax Benefits, Transparency, Diversity – Key Advantages Of Investing In REITs

        Real estate in India is often seen as a product for investment as well as consumption. One’s home equity is often one’s biggest and most valuable asset and, therefore, a lot of thought and analysis goes into making the decision to buy real estate. An emerging concept to propagate further investment in real estate is the advent of ‘Real Estate Investment Trust’ (REIT). The concept is still in its nascent stage in India but has been a widely-used investment avenue in the West for many years. REITs are similar to mutual funds in that they enable you to invest in a pool of real estate assets without actually owning the physical asset itself. REITs own rent-yielding assets, typically office spaces and commercial establishments, and work as a pass-through entity for investors who buy into this portfolio of assets. While REITs in India currently primarily operate in the office/commercial sector, the same can be replicated for retail spaces, malls, apartments and hotels. The reason this segment hasn’t gained much traction in India yet is that rental yields on commercial assets far outstrip the yields of other asset classes.