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Tips for teachers to improve student engagement with meaningful connections

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  • Tips for teachers to improve student engagement with meaningful connections

    Teachers frequently work to increase parent involvement but student involvement is just as important as a student will be more likely to succeed if they are more self-motivated while they learn to read. Creating strong teacher-student bonds is one of the finest strategies to support this.

    In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Sunita Tomar from Faculty of English at Shambhu Dayal Inter College in Ghaziabad shared, “Students need to feel that their teachers care about them and can guide and assist them, thus teachers must emotionally interact with them. When teachers try to incorporate all children, even those who tend to act out or perform poorly, academic attainment rises and off-task behaviours decline over time. Teachers' feedback is crucial for building relationships. Students who think their teachers are criticising them personally have bad feelings about the teachers and the relationship. In reality, students who get personal praise or criticism are less inclined to persevere and grow because they are more likely to feel unsatisfied with their work and themselves.”

    Getting to know your students on a personal level is one of the simplest and most efficient methods for increasing student engagement. In order for them to be engaged, driven, and successful, children need to experience a feeling of belonging because they spend 7-8 hours of their day in a classroom.

    Teachers may foster a healthy learning environment where both relationships and education can grow by letting them know they are valued and recognized for who they are. They must always keep the end in mind when they must correct and discipline students: they want them to learn from their mistakes.
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