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CII Corrosion Manager Certification Course - 27 - 31 July 2021, CII Virtual Platform

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  • CII Corrosion Manager Certification Course - 27 - 31 July 2021, CII Virtual Platform

    Corrosion is the key area of concern in the World Economy. In addition to causing severe damage and threats to public safety, corrosion disrupts operations & quality of products and requires extensive repairs & replacement of failed assets. These expenses can be brought down to half if good corrosion management practices are followed; this offers a huge opportunity to save cost and enhance the life of products, plant & machinery, and civil structures. The global cost of corrosion is estimated to be US$2.5 trillion, which is equivalent to 3.4% of the global GDP (2013). It is estimated that savings of between 15 to 35% of the cost of corrosion could be realized by using these practices, i.e. between US$375 and $875 billion annually on a global basis.

    These costs typically do not include individual safety or environmental consequences. Through near misses, incidents, forced shutdowns (outages), accidents, etc., several industries have come to realize that lack of corrosion management can be very costly and that, through proper corrosion management, significant cost savings can be achieved over the lifetime of an asset. To achieve the full extent of these savings, corrosion management and its integration into an organization’s management system must be accomplished by implementing a Corrosion Management System (CMS).

    Present Status of Corrosion Management

    In the competitive industrialization world, corrosion is the biggest problem of industries, infrastructure, etc. The cost of corrosion is not just financial. Beyond the huge direct outlay of funds to repair or replace corroded or decaying structures are the indirect costs (Natural resources, potential hazards, and lost opportunity).

    Organizations have realized that larger impact of corrosion is due to lack of awareness about corrosion, lack of management focus, lack of technical known how about corrosion and corrosion technology. To achieve maximum benefit in reducing corrosion cost (both direct and consequential) needs integration of corrosion decisions and practices within an organizational management system.

    v CII - Corrosion Management Cell: Celebrating 10 years of Services of CII - Corrosion Management Committee

    In view of the above corrosion scenario,CII - Centre of Excellence for Competitiveness has initiated a service on Corrosion Management for the benefit of Indian Industry with the objective of creating awareness about corrosion and its adverse effects on the pace of country’s development.

    CII, through its National Committee on Corrosion Management (CII-CMC), is committed towards taking initiatives to strengthen the Indian Industry towards bringing awareness and consciousness about the issue of corrosion in India and has been actively taking up the task of promoting corrosion preventive strategies through corrosion survey & audit, training programs, conferences, summit and publications on corrosion management in the Indian industries for about a decade now.

    v Corrosion Manager Course

    Corrosion manager course is a part of the overall management system that develops awareness, and provides an excellent avenue for practitioners, designer, technical and maintenance engineer. Corrosion Manager Course is aimed at reducing the end users cost of the corrosion, predicting, and preventing failures due to corrosion, enhance product quality, enhance plant safety etc.

    v Target Sector

    From across the sectors (PSUs, Industry, Institutions, R & D, Public Infrastructure, appliances etc.) as Corrosion affects each and every industry sector & public infrastructure like:
    • Agri Machinery & Construction Equipment
    • Automotive & Auto Component sector
    • Cement, Chemicals and Fertilizer
    • Chlor Alkali
    • Food & Beverages
    • Mining, Metals sectors- Steel Production, Aluminium, Carbon steel, Stainless steel
    • Marine Transport
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Paper, Power Plants
    • Refinery & Petrochemicals
    • Railway infrastructure & Railroads
    • Shipping
    • Sugar & Distillery
    • Textile etc.

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