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rohit khaitan
11-22-2006, 08:57 PM
I was travelling on a local train from pune to lonavala. Accidentally i boarded the first class bogey coz i didnt know that even local trains have general and first class categories.

The T.C. came and checked my ticket and asked me to pay the fine. I paid my fine. There were two people sitting next to me. They did the same mistake. They gave 20 bucks each to the T.C. as bribe. (i.e. they didnt ask for the receipt of money paid).

I questioned the T.C. on the same. He said mind ur own business. I smiled and kept quiet.

Later in the evening when i got back to pune. I met the station manager. I told him everything and said i want to file a written complaint. And i want an acknowledgement. The station master directed me to another gentleman who was the head of the concerned dept for ticket checkings.

Now this guy talked to me for half an hour. He took out all the details of the collections made by different T.Cs during the month. He then produced a certificate issued to him by the central railways for best management of affairs. He then told me that if i ever need any help on the station, i am free to approach him.

When he was done i said i want to file a written complaint and i want an acknowledgement. Thats all.

He again repeated long stories for another half an hour. But he didnt give me acknowledement for my written complaint.

Finally the T.C. in the train was produced. He apologized to me and they did all sorts of drama. But still they didnt take a written complaint from me.

Finally i left coz i was too tired to pressurize more. But i distinctly remember something that this guy told when we were having all this debate. He said " how many people take the effort to come down here and complaint?? Then how can u compalint with the system."

I remember a dozens of time i personally ignored similar cases before this particular incident. But now i always question myself when i see something wrong. That i am also a part of this system. What did i do to correct it?

Kindly share ur experiences with corruption. May be we can advise and guide each other to curb the menace.

11-23-2006, 03:11 AM
only in india or elsewhere as well

11-23-2006, 05:43 PM
Very well done Rohit for making the effort to atleast try to complain. If all of us were this proactive in such matters these corrupt officials would feel the heat and start doing their jobs.