View Full Version : Gold & Share market in next 2 year's

02-20-2009, 11:49 AM
where is going to gold Next 2 year and share market ??????????

No Idea Bt I 9 ???????

Its suspense ????????

wt r u thinking to how to i 9.

Where is market in 1st january 2006 its may be near about 5000-6000 Point
and gold is also 6000 Rs near about.

1st january 2008 its going to near about 20000 and gold is not much higher it is near about to 10000 Rs.

Between 2 years market is going to 400% bt gold is going to near about 200%.

1st january 2009 where is market 8500 point and gold is near about 14000.

Presently market is 9000 point and gold is cross the 15400 Rs.

AS well as same speed share market will be establish between 7000 to 10000 next 2 years bz all over world economy is going to resession period

Bt gold is going to 20000 rs Per 10 gm in next 2 years or may be cross the 25000 rs Per 10 gm.Bz these time people will be buy the gold bz its precious and in india every year near about 800 ton use of the gold.

so invest the gold not to share market.