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Puneet Sood
09-10-2006, 05:38 PM
Well, I am not able to under stand behind the logic to implement the quota in the name of caste. Now they have implemented the quota in the technical institutions.
Yes, of course there are classes the society, but the new classes can be clearly broken up into the income brackets. The man, who is doctor or engineer or an industrialist is not going to share the dining table with the man of lower income bracket such as agricultural labourer, though he may be belong to his caste. It has been found that in the modern society, the man is so self centred that he can not think beyond his family. The people who think that the quota will benefit their caste, are living in fools paradise, as it turns out that the total no. of seats are just going to benefit only one or two percent of the people from their caste. But remember, it will be you, who will not get the quality doctors to treat you. As the man selected by this way was not the best option available, so the quality will suffer. As the patients will not be able to get best treatment, the rest 99 percent will suffer, including the men from the 'benefitted castes'.

Puneet Sood
10-21-2006, 11:13 AM
All the parties have been against the supreme court verdict on creamy layers. It seems that they are only demanding the reservation only for the political compulsion. But it really surprises me that how can an IAS officer can claim promotion on the ground of backwardness.

Stop this drama of reservation and be rationale.