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Yash Preet
08-15-2006, 09:38 PM
Independence day is the most Precious day for the indians!

You People think the india is really a independent?
Define independent.

I think india is not still independent because,
Firstly British orders & Disparity were there then

Indian Politics and Terrorist are there!

Little bit Intelligent people are going to Abroad(Brain drain) is there!


08-17-2006, 09:20 AM
See lord Krishna left Mathura for Peace... and lived in Dwarika....

so where ever you get peace of mind stay there... in geeta it is written every thing of this world is changing we have to adopt ourself according to situation... even darwin law say.. survival of fitest...

India is a place where brain are Born... Its sad if they go abroad, but some time i feel its good as they are giving some thing to world... in india competition is to much so its always difficult to find proper oppurtunity to show skill.

USA buy brian because of money and provides what ever brainy required... there are few brainy who tried to come back to india but becuase of law and corruption they went back to USA.

To Earn money People go abroad but they find easy life in abroad so they get used to that life style and then they stay there permanently... :D

See India is a place where brainy are born so if one go next will come... and some son are like me who will always be Indian....
where ever i Live... where ever i die ... one tag will always attached with me ....Indian.

Tamanao ka koyi anth nahi hai .... (Wishes have no ending till we die)

Its Me Proud to be Indian

Yash Preet
08-18-2006, 02:25 AM
Ya !
Its true that the person avail the Opportunity whether in India or in abroad!

but how the normal person afford to go US?
see ever one is not fiancial strong or to leave the family and earn money!

why the indian govt should take the step to increase the opportunity
for the professional qualified in India!

It is true that indian Management is not so good !

last news paper i read that- a post for govt.Peon is there, for that post

Ph.D qualified are there!

Do you think it is correct happening with qualified people